Do you think this is HORRIBLE to do??

  1. Ok so I just got to thinking about how much I just spent this past week on LV. I got all in mono: cles, wapity and manhattan pm from LV boutiques. I added up the tax on all that and it comes to $154.69 which could be savings towards another bag. So my question is this:

    would it be horrible to order all this stuff from Saks which doesn't charge tax but would charge shipping but only $18 for it and I would still get back $136.69 (unless they don't charge for shipping if you spend XX amount of money - which I would be spending $1,875) and then go return all the stuff I bought back to the boutique??? Plus w/ Saks you have a 60 day return policy.

    All my stuff is new, unused.

  2. If the stuff hasn't been used and it isn't hassle for you.
  3. :yes:
  4. I think if you do the math is not worth it. You bought the bags from the store, you got to choose the perfect bag with correct alignment etc....
    Now if you order it, you then have to wait for the fickle fedex guy who may leave your bag at the door, in the rain, at some other houses etc.. so for peace of mind I think the $154 dollars is a small change!
    Also consider the return process: do u have to drive to the store? do you need to have lunch in the city after returning the bag? and so on......
  5. you bring up valid points:

    1. I am a SAHM, so no worry about fedex guy leaving my package (also pretty sure it would need a sig anyway)
    2. We live in an upstairs condo, so no rain or other elements to worry about
    3. Yeah I would have to drive but I usually have to drive anywhere to go to good shopping and can skip the shopping
    4. I would wait to return the boutique stuff till I got the Saks stuff to compare quality (saks is next to LV boutique so if something was off, it's still only one trip)
    5. I thought the savings of $154 could go toward the purchase of the pochette accessoires I want or my Tiffany bracelet.
  6. Personally I think it is a bad idea! When you order online, you don't know what bag yo are getting! Also, when you go tot the start you start building a relationship with the SA, and they can help you out by becoming a VIC.
  7. Don't be so sure about that! FedEx just leave packages period! I have had packages from Neiman's worth more than a thousand, just left outside! I have heard many horror stories in regards to that!
  8. thats a hassle. just take it as a lesson learned and do the saks thing next time you make another big purchase.
  9. Yeah I's not really worth the trouble. Besides, it might be weird to just go return EVERYthing you bought at once and the store probably won't like that very much. Like others said, you got to pick out what you wanted when you saw it in person..who knows, you might get something not to your liking if you order from elux only to have to return it. Not really worth it, IMO.
  10. i do think all the store's computer system linked to each other...would be weird if you return all to one store and buy all them back from another store...
  11. ohhh I know, but it sounds good to save $155!!. It does seem like a big PITA to drive down to the boutique to return it anyway!!
  12. Yeah..also, you have to figure in the gas, time it'll take to get there and back, etc.
    Not really worth it, IMO.
  13. Sorry, but I feel like it would be horrible. =/ Learn untill next time. And it's really not that much money. =/ I remember shopping LV in UK when the pound was rising day by day and I felt like loosing money all the time. Later on it went back down (like it always does), so if I returned the stuff and bought it later I would've probably saved quite some money, but in the end I don't really care.
  14. Personally, I do not think it is a good idea.
  15. Doesn't LV only give store credit? and on the store credit wouldn't it say what you had returned? :shrugs:....