Do you think this is authentic??

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  1. Hello. I wonder if this is authentic or not...

    The seller guaranteed the refund if I have 2 official letters to indicate the bag is fake from 2 different Chloe shops.
    Is it easy to get a letter? I've never asked about the authenticity to the shop.
    Has anyone done that before?
    Could you share your experiences?
    Thank you!!
  2. You should post it in the 'Authentication Thread' :yes:

    And I believe Chloe would not release any letter confirming the authenticity of the bag..
  3. You need more detailed pics to be able to confirm...but from looking at the bag, the leather is way too smooth and rigid to be an authentic bag :tdown:
  4. :smile:Hi there - could you repost this on the 'Authenticate this Chloe' thread - there should be an info piece on the home page of the Purse Forum. Its just so loads more people actually see this question from you!

    I have had a quick look at the listing - and to be perfectly honest, the photos are showing nothing. You need to have more photos. You need to ask the seller if its possible to have photographs of the 'Chloe' heatstamp on the padlock, the underside of the padlock,
    the 'Chloe' heatstamp on the inside of the bag, more photos of the hardware, the zipper and the zipper pulls. Also, it would also be useful to see the 'Chloe' hangtags, the reverse where the printing of the model etc., is. Also the serial tag. Without these its not that easy to say much. I'm not a Paddy expert - but there are many on the forum who will be happy to help you. Please do though repost on the 'Authenticate' pages, as more people will see it there.

    Sorry, I can't give you a definite opinion, but if the seller can give you more photos that will be great.

    With reference to getting letters from 'Chloe' stockists. I'm not sure how easy it is. I know some people have asked some 'Chloe' boutiques to authenticate and have had problems, as with the large amount of fake bags - they are not keen to comment. However, again, people on the other forum will have experience of this, and be able to help you.

    Hope that all makes sense......:yes:
  5. Hi aki_sato - I thought that Chloe would be doubtful in the authentication via writing. Hopefully allure44 will repost this onto the 'Authenticate' forum as we've asked. There just isn't enough in the way of detail in those photos in the listing - its all very well saying - has such and such 'as do all authentic Chloes' but if you can't see anything - :tdown:

    The leather does look a little odd:yes:
  6. :tdown: I would be very careful..... 2 written letters from Chloè??? It's almost impossible, from the information I have. Moreover pictures are not enough, if you want to authenticate that bag.. and 400 dollars.... :hrmm: is a very cheap price for an authentic one.
    As Lescoy wrote, ask more pictures and then post them in the "authenticate this" thread: we'll try to help.
  7. :smile:Hi - I've copied and pasted Allure44 original question into the Authenticate thread - so there are a few more posts there. Please check that Allure44 -
  8. All questions of authenticity need to be posted in the Authenticate This Chloe thread. Thanks!
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