do you think this is appropriate?

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  1. I'm just wondering whether it comes across as too "show off-ish" or high maintenace if I take my mc speedy or miroir to my classes.

    Also, to all that goes to uni, what bag do you carry?
  2. No I think it's fab! Better then a gross back pack!!!
  3. no
    i think it's great
  4. If you want to wear it, then you should. You bought the bag because you liked it . . . and so you should use it wherever you would like to. If anyone thinks you're showing off, that's their insecurity.

    Not something you should worry about!
  5. I don't think it's too show-offy. Enjoy your bag!
  6. not at all- you have those bags to use. i carry my speedy to class all the time. it rides in the front basket of my bicycle:shame:
  7. if you got it, then use it! back in my school days, I always carried my mono speedy or cabas mezzo.
  8. aww, thanks yall. i feel so much better now ;)
  9. of course its appropriate. the things you wear are a reflection of you, carry what you feel comfortable with.
    (although i should add that i am the girl who never wears the same outfit twice in a year of classes)
  10. it's ok for me.
  11. While I mostly think that if its yours and you love it, you should carry it wherever you want, I also think that in some instances carrying an LV can be a little obnoxious. For instance, I am now a teacher in a suburban school and I feel quite comfortable carrying my LV's to work, but when I was substitute teaching in an economically disadvantaged area, I wouldn't have dreamed of walking in with an LV. It has to do both with the kind of place I was going to AND my role there. Only you know the "style" of your peers and what would seem fine and what would seem off-putting.
  12. Totally agree!! I'm a speech therapist and when I have to go into economically disadvantaged areas, I just feel strange carrying my LV's. Some of my parents can't even barely put food on their tables, so it just doesn't feel right for me to walk in carrying such an expensive bag. That's just me though. It's up to you!
  13. ITA! :tup: i didn't carry my LVs to class when i was going to college, mostly because they weren't practical enough to carry my things. but hey, you love the bag, why not wear it with pride :smile:
  14. I carry my white MC speedy everywhere I go. I don't use any other bags but that one.
  15. I rarely carry my LV's to class. None of my bags can withstand the weight of 4 notebooks, two calculators, a lunch, and three heavy Engineering textbooks.