Do you think this is a typo or WHAT???

  1. :wtf:Chya right!!! The point of the coupon is to SAVE
  2. I bet they meant to type $9.99....right???? LOL
  3. :wtf: Whatever! LOL
  4. I'm thinking this is NOT a typo:

    From the auction:

    Because this is good for your entire transaction and is for 25% off the entire transaction, you could save $100s!

    really? so, $99 but buy like thousands to save $100s...okkaaayyy...I was going to make a 'best offer' at $9.99 but me thinks she's really wanting the asking price!
  5. Yeah, good luck with that sale...
  6. I cant believe people sell those things - something that they got for free! Sheesh, just give it away if you arent going to use it.
  7. AND they're shipping it parcel post, not even first class!!!
  8. I put in an offer for $10 and they declined!!! I messaged someone else who started the bidding at .99 and offered $10 and they said "no that is too low" and I said back "Too low? They are free!" lol crazy!!!
  9. Its worth it, if you plan on buying that red croc purse.
  10. I seriously can't believe they put $99 for a BIN--I'm still stumped on that one! LOL! But I'm so glad someone asked for the best offer at $10. I'm thinking I should just go and do it! LOL!

  11. ONLY if there was only one Coach coupon listed--hers. There are quite a few with BINs much lower than $100! LOL!!!

  12. Speaking of listed ones, I saw one for $14.95, someone scoop it up!!
  13. LOL! There is a sucker born every minute :yes::lol:

  14. and for every sucker born, there is a fool who thinks they can sell ketchup popcicles to women in white gloves.