Do you think this is a fit state to receive a Red Jumbo Flap from Boutique?

  1. Ok I am sure I have bored most people on here with my hunt for a red Jumbo Classic. I have been searching forever. I have been super close to buying a medium just to at least get the red but found out the medium just got lost on me when I tried on a standard medium.

    Anyhow to cut a long story short I gave up hope - as I said almost bought a medium but gave in,

    Well however you can imagine my delight when a red Jumbo Classic Flap was found in Amsterdam! Thanks so much Nat (hope you dont mind me mentioning you ) and also thanks to my Dutch hubbie who did all the talking with Chanel Amsterdam!

    Well it arrived today - almost passed out with excitement

    Open box - gorgeous

    Take out box - oh

    Firstly left hand side bleached totally from sunlight
    Worse to come - side stitching totally torn away - like someone has prised it appart and it hard holes all the way up the sides.

    I have actually cried today - which over a bag I know is ridiculous but I am soooo upset!

    Is it just me? Although my colleague when I opened it (and was going to keep it) was like noooo way Sam this is ridiculous you cannot keep this!

  2. Those are only some of the pics - the tears went all the way up and over the flap and some on the bottom.

    Trully trully gutted
  3. so someone please take pity on me and help me find one!

    sob sob sob
  4. I was so excited for you when I started reading this. I think I understand your dilemma. You finally found the bag of your dreams and when it arrived it wasn't as excepted. But for the price of the bag, it better be in perfect condition. You'll always know that there are tears all over the bag and will be conscious of it. So I agree with Sam.
  5. aw thanks Newbie - its been a deeply upsetting experience thats for sure. I guess coming from the boutique and full retail I really did expect that it would be in a fit state. Putting anything of weight into would have caused it to tear completely - so not what you expect from Chanel

    Im so sad though - at least I can say I actually did see and hold one IRL - a treasured memory I tell ya!
  6. Oh I'm so, so sorry for you! That is a truly AWFUL of them to sell a bag for full price in such ridiculously bad condition! :sad: I'm on the hunt for a red too, but if I see one, I'll let you know. *hugs*
  7. I should state that the people in the boutique were really really helpful when I was trying to get this bag (so no dig at anyone!) and agreed instantly to take the bag back so it was only here for like an hour and back out again which was nice of them.

    Im just upset at finally finding HG and then this
  8. Don't give up. It might take you longer to find another one but if you persevere you will find it. I, myself am looking for the medium red one. But have to stop as I am on a ban now. But will start searching for it once my ban is over. Unless it fell into my lap before my ban ends. :sneaky:
  9. ugh i hate when that happens! i totally feel your disappointment, but at least they took care of picking it up from you. don't give up, you will find your red bag. I eventually found my hg so i'm sure you will too with a little persistence.
  10. It is unforgivable for them to sell you a bag in that condition! The amount of times Chanel has told me that they would never sell a defective bag and never offer customers discount on substandard items because it would compromise their reputation. If I were you I'd e-mail these pics to Chanel and ask for an explanation. Please don't give up, I and other pfrmers here will keep their eyes peeled for you!:yes:
  11. wow, im stunned they even sold and sent you a bag in this condition...its always so stressful waiting for packages these days since half the time you have no idea when its arriving and then when it does get there, you're not sure if its the right item, right size, color, etc-- =(
  12. OMG, I can't believe that they passed a bag in that condition to a client! :tdown: That's just unacceptable.
    I'm so sorry that this happens to you. Hang in there, I hope that you'll find a Red Jumbo super soon *hugs*
  13. I have my fingers crossed that your HG bag is close to you!! This one was NOT it. Unacceptable.
  14. Perhaps you could re-buy it from them at a greatly reduced price and then send it to Chanel for re-furbishing? Just a thought.
  15. I find it incredible that they would send you a bag in that condition :tdown:, how horrible :cursing:. I think we all know how it is to search and finally track the item down. We wait patiently for the package, get all excited, but to receive a substandard bag? No excuse.

    I hope you can find this bag in perfect condition :yes: