Do you think this is a bad idea?... would you do it?

  1. So there's this woman who is a friend of my hair stylist... she does eyelash extensions for just $60, and she does them out of her home. I asked her what "kit" she uses and she said she doesn't know, she didn't even ever bother looking at it. I'm a little suspcious about going to a woman I don't know to do my eyelashes -- but then again, I'm sure some of the salons in Chinatown operate similiarly and those are the ones that always do the best extensions!

    I'm just a little concerned! I forgot to ask her if she's licensed or anything...
  2. Oh. She has a nail license only.
  3. hmmm...i don't know what eyelash extensions entail, but if there's the possibility for sterilization issues with tools that she'd use, i'd play it safe at a regular salon. if you use disposable tools or something like that, and you can get a few references, then it might be worth a shot. depends on how dangerous eyelash extensions are!
  4. I had them done a few weeks ago.They take individual lashes and use a adhesive and glue them onto the tips of your lashes.where i had them done it was very cheap,but they used lashes that you buy in a drug store.I didnt like them
  5. id be careful and if you have a bad feeling, dont go for it.
  6. I believe that eyelash glues sold with these extension kits are TOXIC! The glue is really strong kind of like superglue. All the kits that I know are sold with fans or squeeze bulb to fan away the fumes like that is an eye opener, no pun, to those of us buying the kits it is potentially dangerous.
  7. i think it's so gross!!


    Eyelash extension can cause-

    1.) Irriation
    2.) Damage to your eyes
    3.) Your natural lashes to fall out
    4.) Use mascara too much
    5.) Loss of vision
  8. ^Ewwww!!! Gross! What the heck are those festy looking bumps????
  9. what is that a picture of?
  10. my gf had extensions done, but at a salon, and they are to die for! extremely gorgeous!
  11. I wouldnt do it.
  12. that pic is SO GROSS !