Do you think this Hayden Harnett is cute?

  1. I really like this bag and have searched the eBay sites and Internet for the Big Clip Hobo and can only find it in White. My cousin has one and I borrow it all of the time. It's a great play bag, but I don't think so in white. I love the Olive color!!

    What do you guys think? Should I make an offer? Thanks for your opinions!
  2. Do you think its cute that is whats important.
  3. know that you like the bag....and you're right, it doesn't pop up much even on eBay and we know that HH is not producing this bag.....
    so, go for it! Make an offer!!!!
  4. I like it too!
    :tup:Very nice, great color... if were bigger, I'd bid on it!
  5. I think it's really cute too! The only thing that would hold me back is that I bought an olive suede bag (very similar style) from Leatherock not long ago. As much as I love it, I just don't have much to wear it with! It's just one of those colors that isn't very versatile (in my wardrobe, that is).
  6. i think it is cute, simple, and basic, the type of bag you will be able to carry for quite some time and not get sick of!
  7. I know several people on tPF really love this bag. If you really like it, I say go for it! That's a great color, and the leather is fantastic. I have it in white but wish that I bought saddle instead.
  8. I like this bag a lot.. but this person's BIN is crazy considering the Inka has gone on sale so many times on
  9. I love the shade and the detail.
  10. They've been popping up on Bluefly a lot too. I would shop around.
  11. cute, classic, and totally wearable...i give it a thumbs up:smile: