Do you think this girl is pretty?

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  1. My boyfriend cheated on me with her... he is 30 and she is 20.

    Just wondering what you think. I don't like her nose.
  2. I empathise with your pain, but don't be surprised if the mods remove the link or even close this thread.

  3. Why would they close the thread? I am new here.

    Just wondering.
  4. haha...i finally caught something before it gets closed!

    and i'm sorry you have to go through this....

  5. Please do not use this forum to air your personal issues . I can’t imagine this young lady would appreciate her pic been posted on a purse forum and discussed whether she is pretty or not.

    Also, please take the time to read the forum rules.

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.