Do you think this forum has gotten hundreds or 1,000's of fake auctions pulled?

  1. I think it's so great the amount of authentifications you guys do, and how many report fake items. You've gotten at least 100's and 100's of fake items taken off of eBay. Do you think by now that number is in the 1,000's?
  2. I hope so.
  3. it's awesome. i bet many sellers are finding it harder to keep their fake auctions up. :biggrin:
  4. I just cruised eBay and reported 8 fake LV's. This is fun. :biggrin:
  5. I hope it's working...some get pulled and others I post don't ever get pulled.
  6. I wonder if eBay pulls the more expensive ones and just leaves the rest. :wondering
  7. I hope we are over 1000.
  8. I think it is over 1000, many times when yall tell us to report something, it is already gone!!
  9. If it prevents just one person from getting duped in a fraud auction, its worth it.......
  10. I would like to think it is near that number, no one should have to get ripped off on Ebay.:cursing:
  11. I really hope so - keep up the great work !!!!
  12. I WISH it were so, but honestly... the fraudsters on ebay pop up with new offerings faster than ebay pulls them. Reminds me of that game my kids used to play at the arcades, where the little gophers keep popping their little heads out of the holes faster and faster while the kids would try to bang them back down into their holes.
  13. That's what is always on my mind. :hrmm:

    I sure hope that with our help, we've gotten a lot of counterfeit bag auctions pulled, thus saving innocent people a lot of moolah. :tup:
  14. ITA!!!!!:tup:
  15. i sure hope so!