Do you think this color is versatile all year around?

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  2. I think this color is extremely gorgeous! To me, it is an all-year-around color, but it is more of an evening/special occasion color to me.
  3. Thanks HA! I also wondered if this can be an everyday bag which is what I really wanna use it for. But the leather's really soft and I love how it doesn't have all the extra hardware. I have a bad back and this bag was perfect on me.
  4. Gorgeous! I absolutely think that it can be used everyday and all year round!
  5. I think it's all personal preference! I love using a standout bag to really jazz up an outfit. I would use that bag year round and everyday! Great find :drool:
  6. No probs with year-round use. I had a MBMJ Softy Aline satchel in metallic bronze. The colour was great. I only sold the bag because I found it too thick and heavy.
  7. Absolutely. Actually, I think gold/silver is the best color for an everyday bag because it complements everything. I *love* that bag!
  8. Definitely....this is a great bag and an awesome color! Love it!!
  9. Oh that bag is gorgeous! I really think you can use it year round it's a great color. And I also think it'll be great as an everyday bag it'll give a little extra to any outfit you wear it with!
  10. I just bought one exactly like that!!! I love it and plan to use it all year round. I think the color is very versatile. In fact, I keep a computer spreadsheet of all my handbags, classified by color, and I put this one in the 'neutrals' column.

    The leather on this one is just sooooo soft. Enjoy it!
  11. I think its a bag for all seasons! But to me it looks just a tad formal... IMO... then again it could jazz up your casual outfit... :smile:
  12. you are so hot, you can rock this bag every day, year round!!! :nuts: It is gorgeous and will look amazing on you!!! :love:
  13. Aww, thanks girl! Hope everything's going well for you. Can't wait to see you and J. Homecoming soon right?

    Thanks for everyone's opinion. I just got a really awesome deal on this also. NM has it for addt'l 25% off! :yahoo:
  14. Really??? I should do that, just to drive my DH crazy!:P
  15. I have a summer issue silver bag - I intend to use it all year round.

    Soft gold - fine for a little winter-warmth and summer-shimmer.