Do you think this cashmere candigan is worth it?

  1. It's a very cute cardigan but it doesnt look like it's worth anywhere near $300, sorry :s

    Here's one from (Magnin Cashmere Seed-Stitch Cardigan) that is very similar
    And it also comes in black
  2. Honestly- no. Juicy cashmere is way overpriced for the quality IMO.
  3. Thank you very much mello_yello_jen and ashlend... Thank you also for recommend the alternative. I'm looking for something over the knee lenght. If you any other suggestion, please let me know. Thank you. :yes:

    Btw, I bought this cashmere from Juicy, juicy couture cashmere v-neck stripe soot - rapunzel's closet, and it's awesome... I hope it won't start piling... :sad: