Do you think this Carly can be rescued?

  1. I don't looks like permanent marker to me. I wouldn't risk it but it's up to you.:shrugs:
  2. Oooh. I dont know. Can you email the seller asking if it was done in pen or marker? Once you find that out, you can call Coach and see what their suggestions are. That would be my only advice. That is so horrible someone would do that to a beautfiul purse. :tdown:
  3. Looks like the mark of a hater. :roflmfao: But I don't know. I wouldn't risk it.
  4. why would anyone write on it like that.. grrr
  5. she says ... this

    "It was vandalized in the dept store. There is an arrow on one side of the bag and an X on the other side."
  6. OMgosh I didn't even see that statement :sad: Poor Carly, it makes me really want to rescue her now :yes::p Hummmmmmmmmm............. I have bought from this seller before so I know she is honest. In fact the bag I won from her was suppose to be uniformly dirty, but when I got it it looked really good to me. All I did was take a few baby wipes to her and she was looking good :supacool:
  7. I had a wristlet with the little c's on it. Somehow a purple pen got loose in my bag and I had a TON of purple ink on it. I used a Tide to go pen and it took out all the ink. Could not tell it ever happend.
  8. Oh I saw this I was wondering too...
  9. Curious as to why she bought it knowing it was vandalized. I wouldn't touch it.
  10. Yea, it does look like permanent marker - don't know if anything can remove it without hurting the fabric. Unless you decide to dye the bag to kind of camoflauge the marks, I don't know if it'd be worth to purchase. Poor poor Carly - it does look like a Coach-hater got it!
  11. cheap hairspray gets out ink
  12. If you look at the 7th picture down of the enlarged "arrow" picture, under the arrow more to the right it looks like there was another line drawn there and that they tried to remove it with something and now the bag looks washed out there..almost looks like it is bleached to me. You might want to check that picture again cause even if you can get the marker marks out you will not be able to get the color back in that washed out spot.
  13. Maybe if it was selling for $5-10 I'd risk it but for the current bid of $67, I think that's a lot of money for a bag in that condition.
  14. Wow you have a great eye! I would have never noticed that, but I see it now! It definetly looks like they tried to removed the marks. I wouldn't do it! This person has obviously tried to remove the marks and failed.