Do you think this can be cleaned?

  1. If this soiling can be cleaned what would I use? It looks like color transfer so I dunno! Thanks!
  2. Maybe coach's jacquard cleaner? I haven't tried anything on mine since I just got my carly, but the girl said it would remove most stains.

  3. baby wipes. mild soap and soft nail brush/tooth brush
  4. i would go with baby wipes and then signature cleaner.
    but it looks like its an eBay bag, maybe?
    you then have to look at it like, "if i spend this money and i can't remove the stain, will i have wasted my money?"
    for some people, yes. for others, no - they'd jst turn the bag around. lol.
    but its up to your personal judgment. if it were me, i'd pass.
  5. I have used the Coach sig cleaner and it works really well. My bags were a little grungy, kind of like your bag is in the pic, and the cleaner did the trick. The cleaner is $10 at your nearest boutique.
  6. The cleaner works well but since that is denim transfer and on eBay I would not risk it. :tdown:
  7. I would not risk it. Their BIN is $279.99? You can get a BRAND NEW one for $298.50 during PCE. I would wait if I were you....either for PCE or for another one on eBay.
  8. I agree!!
  9. Yeah thats how much both of my new carlys were $298 what a great deal!
  10. ITA
  11. ITA! That will do it:tup:
  12. Probably a stupid question...but, what is PCE? LOL I'm a newbie..Sorry!!!

  13. preffered customer event.. its when coach sends out like a coupon for like I think 25% off your whole purchase.. You get these if you are on coachs mailing list.. this is what I was told from my local coach store.
  14. :yes: Exactly right.. but you don't just sign up for a mailing list, usually you are in the system from previous purchases, etc. :tup: