Do you think this bra is cute or too expensive for £46?

  1. [​IMG]

    I'm not super huge on top either :sad:
  2. That's very pretty and with all the detailing will make you look bigger. Only trouble with those kind of bras is they tend to show through your clothing because of the details. Where is it from?
  4. i think if you are only little it will look nice but in a big cup size it might make your boobs look to obvious KWIM?
  5. yeah :smile: it's so pretty though lol, im itching to buy it, thankfully pay day isn't for another week so i can think about it, lol :smile: Seeings you girls are from the UK toowhere is the best place to get "sized"?
  6. Very pretty but I tend to stick with plain colours so they dont show through
  7. I don't like push up bras. Its false advertising.
  8. I think the bra is too expensive.
  9. i think the bra is pretty.
    if it is comfortable and suits you, i think it is worth it.
    i rather have bras that makes me feel good than buying bras that i don't really like cuz i will never really wear them.
    i will see if a store has that bra and try it first before purchasing online.
  10. Super Cute and Worth it IMO.
  11. love it and would totally buy.
  12. Best place is definitely Rigby & Peller, not sure where you are but they only have stores in London. Otherwise I think the ladies at M&S are supposed to be pretty good too
  13. NO! not M&S is awful in there. i am biased coz im a trained bra fitter so id say debenhams(thats where i work). be careful though, the end of next week is debenhams mega day with 25% off so it can be dangerous.
  14. Oh really, I found them quite helpful....maybe it depends on the store you go to :shrugs:. I live near Kingston in Surrey and we have a mega M&S
  15. m&s tell pretty much everyone they're a 36C (and they told my flatmate she's a 36B. she's a 30FF.), definitley don't go there. bravissimo are good, i think they'd fit you even if you aren't in the size range they sell.