Do you think they'll make any new styles in mono soon?

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  1. How often do they introduce new styles in mono? I'm waiting for my next mono bag....:yes:
  2. I think a pfer posted up a new bag called "Sophia" or "Sophie" (don't remember.....:shrugs:). She said that it's currently only available in Japan, but North America should get it soon. Just a lil description: it's a lil mono pochette with vachetta piping, brass links/handles, and an antigua-like logo plate in the middle.....420$
  3. spy go for the tulum pm it is so nice...I love mine and it is roomy but, not to large...perfect mono bag for everyday....:yahoo:
  4. I was just going to mention that sophie thing. its nice, i saw the pictures of it.
  5. very interesting thanks for telling us about it...cannot wait to see it....
  6. Matt: do you have pics of it somewhere? I haven't seen this yet!
  7. Yes, I'd love to see it too:yes:
  8. There's a thread entitled Monogram Sophie I believe...
  9. I was at my store yesterday I asked if the rumor about miroir lockit is true the SA said he hadn't heard anything but another had just come back from paris to see all the new bags that will be coming out soon.

    me being a total idiot forgot to ask for more info (i was busy staring at my new miroir)
  10. Thanks! I've just had a look at it, and I think I like it:yes:
  11. Here is it.

  12. Wow that is really cute! Very nice update!
  13. I love it.. when does it come out?:heart:
  14. I heard Feb...looks like a few things coming out in Feb, new vernis color the candy apple red, the white epi... and more I hope :graucho: .
  15. It looks a lot like a Shirley, IMO.