do you think they'll bring the reissue back?

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  1. hi, i'd love to track down a grey reissue with silver hardware. does anyone think they'll bring this back anytime soon? i'm also keeping watch on eBay to see if one comes up there.
  2. They have it at Saks in Troy, Michigan. It was the grey reissue with the silver hardware and it was the stamped one 255 / 2005!!
  3. I have the same question!

    Only I'm looking for the black jumbo XL reissue, with gold hardware. I can't tell you how this bag is calling to me. :sad:
  4. do you have a SA for the Saks in Michigan I can contact? thank you!!!
  5. Hi ambrosered,

    I just pm'd you the #.

    Good Luck!
  6. hi, thank you again for that designer 307. i called last night and spoke to someone (not your SA b/c she wasn't there), and they're overnighting it to me! I'm pretty sure it's the right one b/c i spoke to the chanel person there today, and she confirmed. when i got your message that they had one in MI, i actually went out to the street to use a pay phone to call b/c i had left my cell phone in a store by mistake earlier today and i didn't want my husband to hear me call! and then, on top of that i had dreams about the bag last night! a little insane over here... i'll post pics once it arrives. thanks to all for your help.

  7. A true bag addict, LOL!!! Congratulations.:yahoo:
  8. OMG Congrats!:yahoo:

    That's the bag I have been kicking myself for missing! Has anyone seen any others in any size, black or grey? My DH will kill me, but it'll be worth it! Thank you in advance.
  9. This is definitely the 228.

    I think the 227 is more suited for your size.
  10. :yes: Thank you Smoothoprter, this would be my first Chanel ever, so I want to get it right. I only have Chanel sunnies!!!

    So if anyone sees a preferably 227 or smaller gray/black reissue from 2005 please let me know. I just love love this style. Thank you very much.:smile:
  11. i agree that the larger size might be too much for you. i'm 5' 1" as well, and that's why i didnt buy this one. good luck!!
  12. Thank you! Can't wait to see your pix!
  13. girlie,

    I have the chanel reissue from 2005 in grey and black in size 227. :yahoo: I will try to post pics tonight. I am 5'2" and I think the 227 looks great on me. No too big, and not too small. :love: