do you think they will make envelope plates in future vernis colors?

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  1. :shrugs:
  2. I HOPE so! That way I can get one too!
  3. i asked, they said no, LE, but we can hope...[​IMG]it!
  4. I hope they will come in different colors.
  5. I have one in Pomme. Have not taken out of the box since I purchased it, but it sure is
  6. One could only wish

  7. i wish! i should have bought a whilte one though........
  8. oh my god, how good would the amarante look in that! yum!
  9. can it be SO?
  10. ^^ No SO's on vernis items with the exception of the bucket bag that has been in some stores.

    Other than that, they might possibly make one, but I believe it was a LE item...not as limited as the heart coin purses but still limited.
  11. i sure hope so!! I think they are so cute!!
  12. i want an amarante one!
  13. are they still available to purchase? I've recently decided I really want one! or are they all sold out?
  14. I don't think so. I think it was LE. But a flat amarante would be hot!
  15. Oh! I hope so