Do you think they will ever...Rouge Theatre?

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  1. I know they came out with the LE you think they would ever come out with a LE Rouge Theatre? Now that would be a hot seller. Now if we could only start some sort of petition to get that color back for fall/winter 2008. I know I would get a "first" in that color. Anyone else?:okay:
  2. I was just thinking yesterday that would be a logical choice for them (of course, if color trends allowed) to put out another deep, dark red like RT, would love to see it! i like the idea of a rouge noir (like the Chanel nail polish Vamp).
  3. Now that would be a great color. I so want a red "first" but I'm super picky about reds. It must be a deep red...I'm not a fan of orange-reds or bright reds. I like something rich.:graucho:
  4. You can count me in! I'm longing for a RT First as well. I much prefer bluish reds to orangey reds. Crossing my fingers and toes ;)
  5. I wish they would do an LE rouge theatre, or at least have another dark red. I love dark reds and I'm really tired of all the orangey reds that have come out the last few seasons :sad:
  6. I hope so!! I love Rouge Theatre and am also partial to the warmer reds. I wished they could make a deep, brick red :girlsigh:for Fall '08. I've seen a few on eB** but the $$ where almost $200-400 over retail!
  7. After the fiasco that was LE Magenta, I can not imagine why a company would repeat it with a different color :push:

  8. ^ I was just thinking the same thing!!! But if this thread gets super long w/many pining for rouge theatre...perhaps Bal will listen...?
  9. Oh, yeah, you can count me in, too!!!!!:tup:

    ....but come to think of it, if they did another Le, it'd be in the most popular size, City, and I want it in the Work!!
  10. The idea is nice but I would be very reluctant to pay the full cost months in advance for a LE product that would probably be supplied extremely late.
  11. Oh just the mere THOUGHT of a Rouge Noir-like colour gets me salivating!!! THAT would be suuuuch a gorgeous colour!!!! :yes::drool:
  12. ^Me too! That would be my PERFECT red!
  13. I would love a deep brick red too!!!!
  14. I think for Rouge Theatre I would pay would be totally worth the wait for that color.
  15. Okay, I'd be in for a Work, but if it's a LE, this time I want the stinkin' cookies. :hysteric: And no, I'm not LOL!!! - lol!!!