Do you think they still have tulle spy?

  1. Has anyone spot this bag recently either in the boutique or dept. store?
  2. I am quite sure it is completely sold out. It wasn't freely available in the first place. For instance, they didn't offer a single piece to Asia.
  3. I saw the black tulle in the Beverly Hills, Rodeo Dr. Fendi store last month I believe. It was gorgeous! That probably didn't help but maybe you can call to find out.
  4. what does it look like? any pics?
  5. I have this bag. My boyfriend gave it to me for Christmas but I've really only used it maybe once or twice. It's very extravegant and looks like a big pillow. I orignally wanted a brown leather one but he ended up with the tulle and velvet one. It's outlined with pearls and he bought it at the Fendi store in London.
    I love it, but wish I could use it more. It really just sits in my closet -- it will probably be one of those bags I will hand down to my kids or something.
    I attached a picture but not sure if it's shows up. This is my first time using this...
  6. I have never seen that Spy in any of the stores. Sorry.
  7. i saw one at the FENDI on rodeo dr.
  8. Oh miss kitana your bag is to die for:love: !! What a fab boyfriend. I don't think I would want to use it either, but just taking it out of the closet each day would be enough for me....:shame:
  9. Thank you AussieLVLover! Yes he is fabulous! He understands my bag fetish because he is a sneakerhead collector and loves to collect Jordans. Shoes and bags have taken over our room! :lol:

    I'll take a picture of my bag when I get home and post it. The picture above was just one I found on the internet.
  10. I think they were selling the black tulle spy at 59th & lex in Bloomingdale's too awhile back.

    Miss Kitana, I LOVE your bag! Yes, please do post pics when you get home so we can drool!
  11. Thanks for all your response. Is the black tulle one better or the pinkone like the pic above?
  12. you are one lucky girl..... Please post a pic when u have the chance....and what kind of outfit did u wear with the bag?
  13. Hey Nefredity,
    I haven't seen the black one myself.. but I'm sure it's stunning! Especially if it has the pearls outlining it. Oooohhhhh!!!!

    I promise I will post pics with details (I'm trying to rush home tonight because I just bought season 1 of Greys Anatomy - hooked!) :P

    I wore it with cute jeans, a white blousy lace Woo top (, and these super cute Pedro Garcia boots that I adore (see picture)

    I decided to go simple and let the bag make my outfit! :biggrin: It definitely made it's debut that night!

    So yes, check back later tonight and I will post it.
  14. Ooh can't wait to see pics of your Tulle spy Miss Kitana. I'm sure it is to die for!!!