Do you think these will go to the outlets?

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  1. I've always liked these since they first came out. Do you think they will go to the non signature outlets? If not maybe I can scoop them up at bloomies? I have a strange affinity with white coach stuff I think, I may be getting a white wristlet from a friend as well. Just think the gold hardware and the white leather is just so damn classy!
    10317_B4WT_d2.jpg 10042_B4WT_d2.jpg
  2. Also do you think this will work well year round? I like this because I haven't seen this on anyone yet. Maybe thats because I'm the only one stupid enough to get something in white LOL.
  3. I have no idea if they will go to outlet, but I do like them. I think that white can be worn year-round. I have the small hobo in magenta and love it.
  4. Aarti, I'm not really sure. I think you live in like CT or NJ. So white (like stalk white) is really hard to carry off in the major winter months. But if you have something that it works with, then I think that there shouldn't be a problem.
  5. ^^Yup you're right, I live in CT part of spring to summer, and then live in NJ fall to winter. I mainly wear greys, dark denim, navy..and more greys lol so maybe this wouldn't work? I usually stick with whiskey leather with gold hardware or my mustard yellow longchamp tote that works well with denims and navy. Maybe I'll hold off as of now, and look for it later?
  6. That color white in that pic? Nah not in the the dead of winter. It's freezing! You're going to drop that bag in the snow and not be able to find it.
  7. i have been waiting and waiting and waiting for that style

    so who knows.

    honestly i thought it would be gone sooner

    but i think it's here till end of christmas

    so if it doesn't get sold out. maybe. then again sometimes coach just holds off and never lets it hit outlet.
  8. ^^LOL thank god longchamp is waterproof in that sense. Maybe I should find something brown instead then? That way it'll be more versatile and more easier to spot during my clumsy moments LOL. Or opt for the black madison instead.
  9. That style purse in tobacco is hot!
  10. Oh really? So then I'll just continue on, and if one day the bag falls into my lap for a great price, I'll snatch it up.
  11. yupppppp.

    as of now my manager tells me i cannot buy anymore handbags because i've used them all.


    the only way i'll get it is...well...outlets...gRrr

    so if anything i'll let you know. but otherwise yeah, i think it's here till end of christmas.

    hopefully not longer like the vintage carryall...or the daphne...
  12. ^^ACK! No way!! That sucks! Isn't it enough that you exercise restraint from just grabbing a bunch of bags and running out? BTW have you posted your collection here?
  13. Hm it's a gorgeous style..
  14. See I imagine them with jeans, but now I can imagine my face when the ink transfers onto the stark white bag..

    and if I find the stain as I'm knee deep in snow..
  15. I was at the Coach outlet in Vacaville CA today and they had several white bags, including last year's cute hobo style with the pleating and gold clip/hook across the front. I almost snapped that one up (I think it was around $200 with the additional 20%) but then I remembered that I ruined my last white bag...