Do you think these look like Sienna's?

  1. Hi Kooba Ladies!

    I've been MIA from this forum for awhile because I was hijacked by Chanel!

    I hadn't been in a TJ Maxx or Marshall's in years but visited some before the holidays because everyone on this forum seems to get such great deals there.

    I found these Tignanello's there which reminded me of the Kooba Sienna's, albeit a "watered-down" version of the Sienna's! Am I on crack or do these look like Sienna's, somewhat?

    These bags are beautiful leather and made very nicely. The price was $79 at these stores but the same bags were still full price at Macy's for $150!

    I returned them all but had to take some pics of them to post here!
    tig_brass.jpg tig_silver.jpg tig_black.jpg
  2. OMG I just saw one of these at TJ Maxx!

    I wish Kooba would bring back the Sienna in some funky colors. It's the perfect shape large bag.
  3. These are just a tad smaller than the Sienna's...there was a really "teeny" bag that looked like this too!
  4. I saw these too! Totally rip off of design!
  5. Not liking them at all. But still loving my Sienna!
  6. They certainly have the same styling, but the Sienna's whipstitching adds a lovely final touch.
  7. Definately a design rip-off! I'm not feeling them either, but as well, I LOVE my sienns.
  8. When I saw these, it just reminded me how much I adore my Siennas. IMO, it is THEE perfect bag! :tup:
    I couldn't do these bags shown, personally - but that's just me. Hey, this is awesome for someone who's not familiar with Kooba and loves the style!
  9. Very similar design. They look plain though to me w/o the other details.
  10. I have seen Tignanello do this before w the botkier trigger...I cant stand it when a company copies a design!