Do you think these Juicy shoes are really "Made in Italy??"

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    [​IMG]Fashionable satin ballet with Juicy Couture attitude! Satin upper with leather trim and whip-stitching. Gold tonal Juicy Couture hardware. Leather lining and leather soles. Made in Italy.

    Price: $225

    What do you think?? I've read that Juicy stuff is usually made in China. Is that true?

  2. interesting.... this has got to be the first pair of juicy shoes i've seen that are made in italy. all of the juicy shoes I have seen are made in china.
  3. hmm I'm not sure either..I've seen those in real life before, and to be honest, the quality wasn't something I'd expect from Italy
  4. the sole was probably italy! everything else is stitched in china.

  5. hahahah true!!
  6. I thought all their clothes said "made in the glamourous USA" I never thought they were made in China, thats disappointing
  7. All the juicy shoes I tried on are "Made in Italy," though they are really not comfy.
  8. Those do not look like they are worth $225. They look like they would fall apart fast:S
  9. i love juicy but let's be honest.. their quality is not great.. pretty much everything is made in china, regardless of what they say
  10. Accessories like bags and shoes and their cashmere collection is made in China. The other stuff used to be made in the US but I don't know anymore.

    I really like their stuff since it's so cute but the quality definitely doesn't warrant their prices.
  11. Ug, I so agree, I bought all my juicy on sale.