Do you think these are too round for a round face??

  1. [​IMG]I kind of thought that since they slant up on the bottom part of the lense they might work?? (I want the brown not red!! ) just thought I would get some input. Thanks you all. If you have any other ideas let me know!!! I want them BIG...:smile:
  2. sorry double post
  3. Those are adorable! I think I would have to see them on though to say if they are "too round" for your face...
  4. Speaking as someone who has a round face, I think you just have to make sure they're a little bit wider than your face is and you'll be fine.
  5. agree with mockinglee. I have a round face too and as long as the glasses are wider than my face, they usually work!
  6. They'll work!!! Love these glasses!!
  7. These are sooo cute!

    As someone with a round face, definitely a good shape. :yes:
  8. those are cute!
  9. Wow, I love your glasses! Work it girl friend!:yahoo:
  10. Yup, definitely!! Lovin' the Glossies.
  11. i think they're fine~
  12. do it!!! beautiful glasses! i have a pretty round face and a similar shape of shades that i never ever take off when the sun is out...
  13. They look really nice! I'm sure they'll look fine, they're not too round.
  14. I think they'll look great! I love those glasses. I want the red ones like you posted :drool:
  15. Yes! They will look really cute:tup: