Do you think there will be another line of bags that will replace the Legacy?

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  1. Ok, the OLD Legacy line seems to be the 'it' bags. Exclusive, durable, unique and beautiful! This is/was the bag that was to dye for. Will there be another line (old, current or new) to replace it since Coach has come out w/the Garcia leather? Say the "Madison" line or maybe another? Sabrina seems to be all the rage right now.

    I have to say, I'm VERY disappointed in what I seen IRL of the yet-to-be-released new Legacy line. When before, all I could think about was getting another Legacy. I want another line that has me that excited to get a new bag. I'm just not feeling it right now!
  2. I agree, I have been collecting a few of the "old" Legacy bags myself, because there won't be anymore soon.I really like them!
    Today I was at the outlet and I lucked out- got one of the slim envelope legacy wallets for $88!This outlet hardly ever has legacy stuff. :sad:
  3. I am right there with you!
  4. I know the new legacy line is very different from the original bags. I love the old legacy leather but I have to admit that most of the larger bags were too heavy for me to actually carry. Many of them sit in my closet unused. I do think that the new legacy line is much more usable and user friendly. Just my 2 cents!
  5. ^^ I do agree somewhat - I loved the look of the older Legacy bags, but they are just so heavy when you get up into the larger sizes. I loved the Legacy Tote I tried on yesterday, but agree that the super soft leather isn't going to work for all styles - it's more suited to hobos, totes and smaller pieces where structure can be added (wallets, etc.). I personally think the new Vintage Hamptons pieces are very nice and the leather is much thicker on those bags. There are a bunch of new Madison pieces coming up so that should be interesting too and it looks like there will be many different Sabrina styles to come - we're already seeing regular leather, Signature w/ leather trim, Patent, Optic, Ombre and the Spring Spectator colors.
  6. I agree. I do not like the new Legacy because I think the leather is not right for those styles, and they are nothing like the fabulous 2006 and 2007 Legacy bags, but I love the new Vintage Hamptons. I have not seen the Sabrina or the Madison collection, but I am hopeful.
  7. I agree completely! THats why I've been a crazy person on ebay buying up all the 06 Alis and shoulder bags...:shame:
  8. I've been getting some of the older '06 and '07 legacy bags also. I like a big substantial bag, and the weight doesn't bother me at all for everyday use since I'm used to carrying even heavier shoulder slung bags of camera equipment!
  9. Wow, I thought I was the only one. I felt a little dad "dissing" the new Legacy line, but it's not what I fell in love with and I really feel that regardless the heaviness factor, old Legacy are actually worth their weight in leather. This new line while gorgeous in style and concept, and the leather is extremely versatile (I saw the black legacy tote IRL while I was doing my pre-sale for the PCE this week), I don't think Garcia leather is a $500+ type-leather. It's a bit over-priced for what you get...
  10. I love the style of the new legacy leather tote, but the garcia leather does nothing for bag structure. I stuck my Vera Bradley wallet and cosmetic case in one at the store, and the leather kind of molded around them and looked lumpy. I can't imagine putting in more structured items, or those with pointier metal bits. No thanks!
  11. I am always slugging around my camera equipment as well. I feel like I am forgetting something unless I am carrying a heavy bag. :smile:
  12. Sadly, my shoulders protest after too many days of a heavy bag - I got a new RM French Tote that is huge and of course, I toss all my stuff in it and then add more packages while shopping 'cause there's room and then when I get home my shoulder is killing me;) I lug around a laptop too often and travel for work often too so get to add a suitcase to the mix - I guess my shoulders have finally had enough;) I adore my Balenciagas - they have taught me that leather doesn't have to be thick to be amazing, but I definately want to put my things into one of these Legacy's before I decide!
  13. I just don't see paying for the NEW Legacy line what we're used to paying for the OLD. They don't seem worth that. I received my amethyst Bridgit a couple of days ago. Yes, she's pretty and I will probably keep her; BUT....I wish she was made of the old vintage leather the other Bridgets were.
  14. Honestly...I agree with all the comments against the new Legacy...AND....I CAN'T really say I personally find the new Legacy to be lighter!!! My top handle is really NOT. The problem is the bag is such a PITA because of the lack of structure, so all my stuff wads up in the center... which makes the bag buckle, and then it really pulls on my shoulder. This is worse than general "weight" to me because the heavier older Legacy bags seem to have a far better weight distribution and sit on your shoulder without much movement. Seriously... I can honestly say I find the heavier Legacy bags to be more comfortable than my top handle. That includes Gigi, XL Lily, etc. Sorry...JMHO!! Perhaps it's just this style...I haven't tried anything but the top handle and Bridgit, and neither one are "lighter" to me!

    Of course if I didn't have to leave a layer of packing materials in the bottom of the bag, perhaps that would cut down on the weight!:shrugs:

    I was just looking at my top handle this morning (since I pulled it out to take to my SA), and with the thin leather and choice of contrast stitching on this one, it really does look like a cheap pleather bag!!

    I've been offered an "exchange" by a couple of SAs last time I went to one boutique, and I'm thinking that if my own SA won't do it, then I'll take it back to them. It keeps getting more and more floppy as the leather breaks in...I can't deal anymore!! I haven't asked my SA yet, but quite honestly, I'm tired of dealing with this bag. Limited pilot or no pilot, this bag is just not worth $75 to me, let alone $758!! :tdown:

    Now the Bridgit is holding up fine, but by default it's reinforced along all edges and sides. I don't have a problem with this bag, but again, I don't really find it that much lighter to carry. :shrugs: It's actually nice in a way because the leather is so thin and forgiving that you can actually fit a little more into the bag. I don't know how it will wear over time because anything that causes the bag to stick out...if that rubs against your clothing, it causes a dark slicky appearance and indentation in the leather (again because it's so thin). It also loses the texture where it rubs. This part I don't like at all...the back pocket of my top handle is like that.
  15. This is good to know about the Bridgit. I haven't used mine yet and don't plan to until I can go to the boutique again w/my PCE and rebuy her to get the discount. (I received the August PCE). I'm holding out for the September since it won't have the Legacy exclusion. I really want a Bridgit. But I don't want the leather to loose it's texture, etc. because it's so 'cheap'.

    On a different note Baglady, have you heard anything about the September PCE?