Do you think there will be a multi-colored Carly?

  1. I really like the style of the Carly and hope that they will make a multi-colored one. I like the striped bags and some patchwork (like the Fall Patchwork Carly except that darn peeling dark python patch). Does anyone think they will? Maybe I should be getting a different style of purse anyhow rather than having all the same. I have a khaki and am ordering a black tonight or tomorrow. Is it bad to have all the same? Thanks
  2. Not sure??? But there is a khaki/platinum Carly coming in the medium size.
  3. How do you all know what is coming out before it does?
  4. I only know about the platinum because I already ordered it! Other than that, I don't know what will be coming in Carly.
    Except if Mommyville sends good purple vibes our way!!!!!! :woohoo:
  5. Carly is a great bag and you can never have too many! I have 2 medium Carlys myself, but am SERIOUSLY thinking of adding a large slim Carly to the mix.

    As for the different colors...what specifically are you looking for? I think they made the Carly in several different types of the patchwork...the denim one is especially cute. Don't think they made it in like stripes or anything like that though...
  6. How old is the Carly style? I loved the fall patchwork and had 2 duffles and the patch was peeling on both so sadly had to return them. I am not going to order the black carly with my return money but would also like a nice spring/summer bag. Will there be more coming out before spring or during?
  7. woops that was "I am now going to order the black carly" I said " I am not going to order the black carly" it's late I'm tired sorry!
  8. I would totally sell my left kidney for a multi colored Carly!
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. You were able to order this now directly from the Coach boutique? I would love a khaki/ platinum Carly...
  11. I ordered it directly from JAX, the girl taking my key fob order told me about the bag.
    It should be here this week.
  12. Are there pic's of this ?