Do you think there should be LV outlet stores?

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  1. LV is very popular. If there were such things as LV outlet stores, the fakes would probably decrease, those who couldn't afford would be able to own authentic ones, and LV would be so much better. I mean, there even is a Chanel outlet and in my opinion, Chanel is so much better than LV.
  2. Well, I think it because LV doesn't go on sale and doesn't have outlet stores that they are so sought after...thus holding and increasing their value. But with that said...if there was a LV outlet I'd be the first one there with all my cc's!
  3. that's true. i can't believe their merchandise never goes on sale. LV makes their merchandise hard to get.
  4. ooH, i'd love it if LV had an outlet! :love:
  5. I thought someone here mentioned awhile ago that there is a LV outlet somewhere out there? Is it in Europe? :weird:
  6. i'd be at the lv outlet in the blink of an eye if there was one. but on the other hand, what makes designer bags so special is that not everybody totes them around. i want a bag i don't see 10 times a day worn by other people. but even 30% off the bags are pretty expensive. plus, which bags would be sold there? you can usually find last season's merchandise in outlets, but 90% of lvs bags aren't seasonal.
    anyways, like i said, i'd go there and take a look :smile:
  7. NO! Neither Louis Vuitton or Hermes will ever have an "outlet" store! Like Rolex, they believe that discounting would only hurt their branding as a luxury product.

    What is interesting however, is the difference between LV and Hermes when it comes to celebrities. While LV will provide celebs with 'free' bags (as they consider it advertising), Hermes will not do so ... nor will they "discount" the bags for celebs. I have to say that I like that Hermes does that, as it makes me feel as though the celebs aren't getting special treatment!

    Prada has an "outlet" in Montevarchi (Sienna), Italy. Gucci, Fendi, Armani and Bottega Veneta have an "outlet" near Florence (called "The Mall"). I have been to all of them, and while Prada used to be really good, I don't think that it's so great anymore. Mind you, most of the stuff is last season, and they usually don't carry the "hot" stuff. However, I have found some super deals at Gucci and Bottega Veneta (as well as my "buy-of-the-century" at Armani!!!!).

    There are a number of other "outlet" places popping up throughout Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland). Some are good; others are so-so (I've been to quite a few of them already!).
  8. Vuitton never goes on sale. In fact, when they discontinue a certain line they burn what ever is left over. I's a nightmare.
  9. And i would be right behind uscgerl...

    BURN... I would cry if that was my job....and sneak a few o the side...I mean I could classify it as trash...
  10. I don't think I'd want there to be an LV outlet. Don't get me wrong, I like a good deal as much as the next person, but I hate when I buy a bag and then a few months later someone else buys it for half price. Thats kind of why I like LV in the first place. I buy a lot of Dior too, but a lot of the Dior pieces either dont make it to the outlet or sale, or if they do, get there at least a year or two after they were popular. This is not true for all pieces, but the sought after ones usually don't hit sale right away, especially the saddle bags, which are my favorite :love:
  11. i agree. though i love wholesale, i wouldn't want an LV outlet store. The name has already been degenerated and it doesn't need anymore of it...
  12. Oooh I haven't heard this Armani story, please share ! :smile:
  13. Those are some interesting facts that make a lot of sense. As an afficionado of sale merchandise - knowing whether or bag will ever go on sale definitely affects how much I am willing to pay for it. If a bag won't ever go on sale, someone is more motivated to buy it sooner and for full price. If a brand constantly goes on sale and is readily available at a significant discount, I just wait and pay a fraction of the price.

    The free bags for celebrities bothers me. I have much more respect for Hermes after knowing that they don't participate in the swag.
  14. I completely agree with chemlex, ceejay, noriko, shoprodeo, and everyone else who says "no" to the outlet idea.

    I also agree that knowing celebs must pay full price for Hermes elevates the brand in my mind as well. I got my first Hermes piece this Christmas, just a watch; but, I love it. There are other Hermes items I hope to acquire (no handbags).

    I would hate to see my anthracite Paddy go on sale; I fear it could, since it is such a "seasonal" color. Just thinking about it makes me mad...:sad:
  15. No .( Period.)
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