Do you think there is an LV in Isreal??

  1. My DH is on his way to Isreal for a large diamond conference and I just wonder if there isn't an LV store somewhere near.. Never hurts to ask!!
  2. I just check my catalogue and they do have one store there:

    Heh B'iyar Street 32
    62998 Tel Aviv
    Phone: (972) 36 95 76 75
  3. So what are you going to get huh? :graucho:
  4. ooooooo no I NEVER ask LOL!!!! I just hint hint hint!!! He has great taste lol. My Perfo Mussette was a gift from him and the shoes so I know he has a good eye. So I will just say honnney isn't it fabulous LV has a store there in Isreal!! Why don't you have a look see maybe there are things there they don't have here!!
  5. A little sweet talk always works huh? :graucho:;) Good luck.
  6. LOL!! Thanks! And thanks for the address!
  7. No prob.
  8. Is that how you spell Israel?
  9. A diamond conference and a trip to LV...sounds dreamy!
  10. :shame: blonde moment... please excuse my sp error
  11. lol i was going to see if this was another authenticy thread cause of the typo hehehhee

    Hopefully he gets you something nice but i don't think it'd cost cheaper there.
  12. If I recall correctly, its about the same price there...but the dollar is worth more there, so that may make it seem like its cheaper...anyways, i hope he brings you back what you have in mind:flowers: