do you think the the min lin speedy is a good bag for snow winter conditions

  1. Would the mini lin speedy be good for winter conditions with snow etc...anyone know????
  2. It should be! My SA told me that it is scotchguarded (or whatever they use to waterproof) and that her manager spilled water on it and it ran right off.
  3. I don't think so. Whatever spray they have on and any additional protection you put on (Scotchguard, Apple Spray for repelling water, Vectra, SM, etc) will eventually wear off. If you don't spray again, it will eventually absorb moisture and stuff. That's just my opinion so I say no. I wouldn't want slushly snow to get on the mini lin material. If it was epi or canvas with patina'd handles, go ahead.
  4. Yes! the leather is dark and so is the fabric. I was guranteed that rain and snow would not damage the bag. I have it and have used it everyday I just LOVE it. its dressy and causal depending what you wear! I love speedys anyways!!!
  5. I've got the mini lin and I wore it in the snow yesterday and it didn't seem to have any huge effect on it! I love it! I'm just looking for reasons to wear it
  6. I'm sure it would be fine as long as you don't throw it into a pile of snow ;)

    Luckily it's water resistant unlike the mini monogram which just soaks up water.
  7. Really? Do you guys think it's ok to get it wet? I looked at it last weekend, it is really gorgeous btw, and I thought it would be real high maintenance. My SA even discouraged me from getting it to use as an everyday bag. But, if you guys have used it with no problems, then it must be fine. It is very lovely.:yes:
  8. As long as you don't leave it outside in the snow and rain, I think it would work fine.
  9. I had to LOL at this because last year I was walking from my car into work and slipped on ice. My feet flew out in front and my bag went flying -- right into the snow! :cursing: Two co-workers came running over asking me if I was ok -- and all I could ask them was "is my purse OK?????" The two guys thought I was nuts!