Do you think the SGH will last through time moresor than the GGH?

  1. I am just curious if you girls think that it's a better investment to purchase a bag with SGH as opposed to the GGH.

    Being silver is new for the fall/winter and since silver can ALWAYS be in but when gold is out, it's OUT! Ya know? I mean just a few years ago I swore I would NEVER wear gold ever ever and now it's all I wear. So times change. But silver is a staple.


    * And I meant MORE SO in the title!!
  2. I'm new to the forum, so I don't know how much my opinion counts, though I would say go for the bag that looks the best to you. If a certain color looks better with gold hardware, then I'd get it with gold regardless of whether or not gold may be "out" one day.
  3. I agree with Mand :yes:, as long as you tend to wear both silver and gold jewelry (I know so many people who wouldn't be caught dead in gold jewelry). I am more a fan of the gold because gold looks better on me and I think it complements most colors better. I think that's why Bal put it out first too. I think you should buy what you think looks best both on you and on the bag. I can't really pay too much attention to what's in or out when it comes to jewelry/hardware.
  4. Don't let value determine what you buy. Buy what you love and will wear :tup:
  5. I agree with the other ladies that you should buy the bag you love most and that you will get the most use out of.

    But as far as silver vs. gold in the long run - I do kind of think that silver GH will have more staying power. It's less blingy and more rocker than gold, and I think the gold is big while we're in 80s Revival mode, but silver is a bit more classic.
  6. yup! buy it only if you love it. whatever's "in" at the moment mayb not be what you love, so what's the point?
  7. ^^^ ITA with everyone... bags, shoes etc etc... everything in life is about what YOU love buying/doing rather than what's "in" at the moment... if you love it then it's a classic that will never date... ;)
  8. I agree with everyone else, You should buy what you like and not care about what is "in". I think that the regular hardware is the one that is going to keep going and going IMO.
  9. ITA!!:tup: But if I were to get something with GH, I think I'd get it in gunmetal.
  10. I wish that was an available choice!!!!
  11. Ok, bags put aside for a moment...I think when it comes to jewellery, gold tends to be in and out of fashion a lot more than silver. However, I think if you choose the SGH you need to be careful what colour you team it with. The SGH looks fab on the Plomb and Ocean, but I think it's too dull against the Tomato, Marigold and Violet. I think both the SGH and GGH have their on little nieche in the Bbag collection and both will be loved for years to come.