do you think the saleya mm is good to fit a laptop?

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  1. becuase hte base is kind of square, is it good to be used to carry a laptop?
  2. you mean you want to put the laptop in flat/horizontally? no... it wont fit like that, but if you want to put it in upright then it's fine
  3. no, i want to sit it up right, but becuase the base is square, i'm concerned that it may not be wide enough, and also the laptop won't really be sitting propery and sedcurely becuase the base is quite big.
  4. I think it is wide enough! What a great idea!
  5. I think it'll fit!
  6. yep i thnk it will fit (unless ur laptops really big). When i was considering the Saleya my SA told me that it will fit laptops, and it certainly looks like it would. Unfortunately my laptop is too huge to fit in the MM, and the GM is too big for me.
  7. It should fit! You could measure the dimensions of your laptop and then compare it to the Saleya MM.