Do you think the RM Ruby color looks pink?


Do you think the Ruby color looks pink?

  1. Yep, looks pink

  2. No, thats totally red

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  1. I was looking for a nice bright lipstick red for my next MAM. When I heard from my bud Contessa that it is pinkish, I got very anxious, as Im not a pink purse kind of gal!

    Tell me ladies! Does this bag look pink to you?

    Shown below is the Matinee in Ruby with white/dot flaps.

  2. It looks slightly pinkish. I am not really a pink person either and was hoping it would be more a bright red =/ Then again, it might just be the picture and the flash. It could be totally red in real life. I guess we will have to wait and see!
  3. Yeah! I totally thought the Ruby color was the same shade exactly of the bag pictured here below:
  4. :roflmfao: I love that picture!

    I would totally get it if it turns out to be that color! Lets keep our fingers crossed! :angel:
  5. I think it looks red, but maybe a pink toned red. The wine looked a bit more blue toned, and the tomato is orange toned....or at least thats all how they look on my monitor lol
  6. For comparison, here are the pics next to eachother

    Im going to eyeball these two pictures for hours!

  7. GUNG, are these both supposed to be the Ruby color?

    If so then maybe its just the artificial light vs the daylight. In which case I would say its more of a true red that you are looking for.
  8. It looks like what I'd call "tomato" red, not a dark red but a medium red. Whether there's pink in there, it's hard to say without seeing more pics of it with different lighting.
  9. The matinee looks red to me, and the MAM the model is holding just looks like a darker red.
  10. I've seen the ruby lex, and it's not pink at all. It's a bright, vivid red.
  11. ^Oh really? Where did you see it at? I would love to see it! I really hope that the Ruby I am buying is a true vibrant lipstick red!
  12. hmmmmm.....see, I clearly remember Sara at LB telling me there was a hint 'o pink in this bag.....but just a hint.
  13. I voted red because it's maybe about 5% pink and the rest, redredred. And also because I want it to be red! Muahahahaha!
  14. That's what I'm thinking! but it doesn look pinky

    Muhahahahahaha to YOU too!!!!!
  15. i wouldn't mind it being pink, but it looks red to me. it's not a deep red but RED.