Do you think the petit noe is to similar to Bh?

  1. I have the Bh and the Petit bucket I'm considering getting a petit noe in mono, because it has only one strap and it closes. I've never tried it on yet but it looks nice in some of the other threads. I'm hoping it would be more comfortable on my shoulder. What do you think?
  2. I think you should get it - it's a totally different bag.
  3. the Petite Noe is an amazing bag, my only problem with it is because the base is square im allways knocking into ppl in the street because its soooo wide hehe!
  4. You mean similar in holding capacity? I think that the BH would hold a little more than the Petit Noe. The Petit Noe can hold nearly as much as a speedy 30 (from what I've been told).
  5. Nope, frankly I prefer BH than Petit Noe ;)
  6. It is a great bag.
  7. Not similar in looks at all. The Neverfull and the BH are similar.

    I say get it!!!!
  8. Nope, not at all.
  9. i own both of these bags- and imo, they are very different. (I love them both, though.) the noe has a more casual feel than the bh (to me), both hold a fair amount without being uncomfortable and i don't think i could part with either bag. oh- and the petit noe is super comfy! good luck!
  10. nope...........
  11. The peti t Noe is a very nice bag, but I sold mine because the shoulder strap was to hard for me and I don't like that the petit Noe is a saggy bag, if you put a lot of stuff in it. The petit Noe in Epi is stiffer and don't sag. I would have a look and I would wear it for a few minutes at the store,( if the strap is comfortible for you).
  12. Petite Noe is a very comfortable bag and can hold a lot. I have a petite bucket and hate how those straps fall off my shoulders. How about getting the petite Noe in a different line, say damier azur or epi leather?
  13. I am looking at the Noe also...I will need to go to a store though, because the petite looks a little small...I think it is such a classic bag, if I were you I would get it!!!