Do you think the new Rock & Chain flap bag is dressy?

  1. I need to get a bag to wear for day but out to dinner and on dates too. Do you think the new rock and chain bag with the three silver chain strap is just for casual wear or for evening? Has anyone seen it at any Neiman Marcus stores? Thanks!!
  2. I saw it IRL and in my opinion I would use it casually....I think because of the chain.
  3. Hmm... really, what's dressy these days? You can go to a fine restaurant in jeans.

    But I guess if you're talking a Gala or a wedding - no, I wouldn't wear it there.
  4. For some reason, the softness and less structured-less of the bag says casual to me.
  5. there's very few Chanel's that couldn't make it day through evening IMO. . .
  6. this is true! :smile:
  7. Agree.:yes:
  8. It could go both ways imo.
  9. I think that with that chain and the unstructured shape it is less dressy than most chanel bags. The triple chain says rock-n-roll to me, not refinement. It is a great bag though! :yes:
  10. Thanks everyone! I think I will get the classic flap in black caviar then--I've been wanting it for a long time. (Now I just have to decide whether to get the east/west or medium size!!!)
  11. I think it's all how you wear it.
    You could rock that bag casual or dressy.
  12. casual....
  13. I think you could dress it up. I would use my metallic black luxury flap as a dress-up bag, if I had a life that warranted dressing up! I find the rock n' chain flap to be very similar in design.
  14. if i have this bag i will never use it as evening / dressy bag..... it's 100% casual for me :smile:
  15. I do agree with the others, it can go both ways