do you think the Monogram cles is a classic staple to get like a speedy bag?

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  1. I think I'm going to do the #1 option so that I can just toss around the cles around.

    Plus... the color of the amarante is gorgeous when it hits the sun. But on a normal day or indoors-- it just looks dark. ya know.

    what do u think?
  2. the monogram is classic lv so i would go with option one.
    personally i dont like the monogram on large bags, i prefer the damier pattern but for a small cles i adore monogram!
  3. I would go for #1 because canvas holds a lot more than vernis so it's good to have one of each ;).
  4. Yes, actually! I just noticed that, haha.
    They are so cute and are an essential to an LV collection!

    Go for Option 1 so you can have variety -- one from Monogram and one from Vernis!:tup:
  5. I'd go with option #2 - the mono will be around for a looooong time, but you don't know how long the vernis colors will be around for..
  6. Option #1. The mono cles is a classic and lasts FOREVER. It's fun to buy a matching cles to go with your bags. Having a canvas and a vernis is a nice assortment. I have one for each of my bags, except the epi. For some reason I don't own any epi cles':confused1: Never thought about that til now!
  7. option #1- monogram cles and vernis pomme cles

    I have both and love them both. I think the mono cles is a must have. If there is no other cles you buy that is the one.

  8. option 1: i love the monogram cles