do you think the Monogram cles is a classic staple to get like a speedy bag?

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  1. do you think the Monogram cles (keyholder/ change holder) is a classic staple to get like a speedy bag?

    Like.. in most collections--- you will definitely see a monogram cles like how you see LV speedy bag.

    Also.... which combo in cles would you get.

    option #1- monogram cles and vernis pomme cles
    option #2- vernis pomme cles and vernis amarante cles

  2. does the monogram cles hold about 2x more than the vernis cles and it's more durable too?
  3. I have the mono speedy 30 along with the mono cles, purchase 1 and 3 and will add cute colorful things as I yes, it is sooo classic
  4. I'd go for option 2. I always saw the plain Mono Canvas Cles as... kinda cheap?

    Sorry if I offended anyone! :Push:
  5. I actually don't have the mono cles. I think I find it too common...So, 2nd options...
  6. I have the mono cles and I love it. It holds more than the vernis too!
  7. I like #1 better. I use my mono for work and like to throw it around!
  8. I like Option #1. :smile:
  9. Option #1 - The traditional classic and the glossy patent :tup:
  10. I love my mono cles. Vernis just looks really cheap and plastic-y to me. Sorry.
  11. I have a green perfo cles and I consider it my "mono" cles.
    I'd go with option #2 because I really like color!
  12. Option 2.

    I have the Mono Pomme... I love it to death. It is so adorable and plus it keeps the change out of the bottom of my purse :smile:
  13. I think the cles in general is a classic staple, but with the variety available you simply can't go wrong! Also, the Monogram cles is able to stretch wider than the Vernis so maybe that'll affect your decision. I love my Damier cles :heart:.
  14. #1, so you can have a bang around piece of classic lv that you don't have to worry about ruining
  15. I would go for Option #2. I love vernis!