do you think the metallics will come back?

  1. i'd really love to get a "first" next in a metallic color :smile: ...does anyone know if they'll come back for winter '06?

    p.s. and does anyone know the size difference between the old "le dix" & the "first"?
  2. i dont know if they will do metallics for fall again...

    but can we briefly brainstorm some options? like...

    dark pewter
    antiqued gold

    that'd be so nice... *daydreams*
  3. lol :rolleyes: ...i love that idea mocean!!!...dark pewter & antiqued gold sound you think anyone @ balenciaga will listen to us???
  4. i hope they do... i quite like the pewter and magenta! :amuse:
  5. let's be the balenciaga sample group! hahaha... maybe one of their people will read our wants-

    *chants* charcoal! charcoal! charcoal!
  6. yeah, that would be great, they've really gotta bring the metallics back :yes: ...if you're listening out there balenciaga designers, please bring them back for us, pretty please?!?!
  7. I have both pewters...04 and 05, and they are actually pretty dark and change according to the light and surrounding colors. But I think the mother of pearl sounds fabulous! Maybe Balenciaga will do more metallics this winter. :yes:
  8. i would love a charcoal,antiqued gold and a mother of pearl B bag Mocean! genius!balenciaga should hire you IMO:love: :love:
  9. i LOVE the mettalics!! they are my fave. i have an ink now and its a sorta of 2tone i guess. blue and purple but i would love to have a mettalic one!!
  10. ET ... do you think the Pewter would be too dark to coordinate with a Silver Metallic (e.g., Chloe Silver Metallic shoes)?

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