Do you think the Medium Classic Flap is a bit too big to be an evening bag?

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  1. When I mean big I don't mean the amount it fits inside, cuz I know it's tight. I just mean the outside proportions. Do you think it is a bit TOO big to be considered a really good evening bag? One that would also work well lets say at black tie events, wearing fancy dresses ect? :shrugs:

    I'm really curious.
  2. I think it's okay for a really good evening/dinner kinda bag, but I think it'll be too big for black tie events. I'd say go for the smaller East/West flap for black tie events or the clutch.
  3. agree with LVKeepallfan, i say a timeless clutch or camelia flap will work well :smile:
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    I have the East West already and I adore it :smile: But I still love the Medium because it's soooo classic which is why I was asking. Cuz I was thinking of selling the E/W to fund the Medium.
  5. I use my medium for evenings (mine is vintage so maybe 1 inch smaller than todays bags) and its perfect for every event :smile:
  6. I guess it truly depends on the dress being worn. If it's a black tie affair and you're wearing a long gown, bare shoulders, then a smaller purse like a clutch is going to look better than the medium classic, imho. It really depends on the wardrobe.
  7. The medium is fine for casual dinners but to be frank, for Black tie events (very formal) you will need a clutch.
  8. I think it's just a matter of personal taste. I think the medium flap is definitely elegant and classy enough to wear as an evening bag. Many women prefer to carry something smaller because they don't need to carry as many things in the evenings, which makes the clutch so perfect. I typically carry a Chanel silver fold-over wallet as a clutch in the evenings, but I would carry a medium flap at night if I had one.
  9. I agree with much of what has been said here. It's fine for a dinner and perhaps an opening of some sort. For a black tie affair, I'd say it may be too big (depends on your outfit). I've seen women carrying bags around the size of a medium flap to black tie rock what you like!
    If you feel like you're going to get more use out of a Medium, then definitely sell the EW.
  10. It's a matter of personal preference & depends on your dress for the event. For tighter dresses, the medium flap would work to even out the proportions...& for flowy dresses, I'd say a clutch is the better option. But I've seen celebrities (Paris Hilton, the Olsens, Mischa Barton, etc..) rock the medium at black tie events....just pull in the straps all the way through & use it as a clutch.
  11. Absolutely not, but I suppose it depends on the person (I know some ladies consider their Jumbo flaps to be evening bags, but I don't really)! :smile: To me, the medium flap is aesthetically perfect, and the proportions are ideal too!! :love: It's the perfect evening bag IMO... I've used mine during the day too, when I don't need to carry much! As for whether or not it's appropriate for black tie, I'd probably carry a clutch instead. :smile:
  12. Its GREAT for dinners but not for formal or black tie events.
  13. I use the medium flap at night all the time. It is a great size for night time.
  14. no, is perfect for evenings:smile:
  15. It is perfect for a night out (it is my favourite party bag)
    black tie is also OK, but white tie is better with a clutch or no bag at all!! (your date has pockets)