Do you think the Matelasse (padded) will go on sale?

Pepper LaRue

Nov 7, 2006
My husband has offered to buy it for me at full retail as a Christmas gift but the $1800 price tag is taking me a back a bit. :wtf: We can afford it but if I can wait to possibly get it on sale I think I'd rather do that. What do you think? Will it go on sale and would I be able to snag one in black?
pepper, i think that they will probably go on sale. Like you, i love the bag, but the price tag is just too steep. I'm guessing this one might be found on sale if one is willing to put in the time looking and waiting for it.
I looked and looked and looked for the small black as well, and kept checking bluefly for it to come back on, called HR (yes, it's on sale there) and tried to get them to ship to USA.... etc, etc, all to no avail. Just had them pick me one out at NM in San Diego. Retail. I had a store credit there for basically the same amount, so it doesn't feel like retail! Oh well. If you find it on sale in black, please let me know!