do you think the linen w/metallic coffer looks too much like fendi's silver spy?

  1. i have both... do you think they are too similar looking to each other...??

    both silverish gold-ish (light gold on the linen coffer, silver leather base with gold wash and light gold handle on the silver spy). should i let one go....??

    your thoughts please....?
  2. No way! IMO they are two completely different bags. While the color is similar, the Silver/Gold on the Fendi Spy is much more "bling", and sparkly, but the Miu Miu coffer with the linen is quite conservative, and the colour is not as in your face... I love both, so I say keep them! :yahoo:

    By the way, I would love some pics
  3. Gosh, those bags are like night and day. Other than both being "It Bags" the similarity ends there.
  4. Please post pics! But I don't think that they are similar at all!!
  5. They are not similar at all.
  6. thanks gals! my digicam has been acting up and can't take pics. need a new one i reckon.

    at the mean time, i had borrowed HandbagAddict4Ever's and LaLa's pics of their spy and coffer to post at the fendi sub-forum asking the same question.

    let me see if i can borrow them again.... hold on....