do you think the hillier hobo can be worn when going to bars/clubs at night?

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  1. or is it too big? im planning on getting the small black hillier hobo.

    and do you think it would clash with this watch?

    i didnt see the hillier hobo with silver hardware the last time i went to bloomingdale's and the SA said i could order it from a different bloomingdale's but i would need a credit card and i dont have one. :/ lol so i hafta get the hillier with gold hardware. i actually only have one bag with silver hardware and its by rebecca minkoff, it's a black studded nikki, i dont wear it a lot because of it's pyramid studs.

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  2. I have to say, I'm pretty confused by this question. It's your style, so you dictate what you're comfortable wearing and where. Personally, I wouldn't take a Hillier out because it's too bulky for dancing/walking around in a crowded bar or club, but if you want to carry a lot with you, you could work it if you wanted. I never match my bags with what I wear, and I don't think many tPFers on this subforum do (similar questions to this have been asked before). If you want a Hillier with silver hardware, you could always go the eBay/Bonanzle route.
  3. I think you could only because the hillier hugs the body without being too bulky IMO and I think it could be dressed up or down..As far as the watch, I mixed all color metals. I don't like to be matchy matchy, so I think you could do the hillier with gold hardware ( which I like alot better ) with the silver watch. I have a silver Michelle watch I wear all the time and I only own bags with gold hardware:smile:
  4. What Sabina said.
  5. ita, why not?????? i mix too and i think the hiller is a great bag....all in your person style and comfort zone...
  6. I see all sizes and shapes of bags when going out - personally I prefer smaller bags (crossbody or clutch) so I don't have to carry much, but some girls like to bring everything including the kitchen sink when going out. It depends if you think you need the space the bag gives.

    I do sometimes coordinate my bag to my outfit, but usually based on the bag color rather than the hardware.
  7. i think you could. and it's a great bag to match your watch!