Do you think the gold papillon would go with...

  1. Pochette! Cute dress!
  2. yes, gold pouchette~!!
  3. Pochette would look great with that dres!!! ;)
  4. Papillon...I think the pochette would take away from your dress because it literally spells out Louis Vuitton.
  5. Great match!!!
  6. :yes: Yes - The Gold Pappillon.
  7. gold speedy!
  8. definitely pochette!!!
  9. I think the papillon would be just perfect!
  10. Papillon is too big and too shiny, which would take people's eyes away from your nice dresses IMO
  11. I like the idea of the pochette.
  12. I agree with everyone else, pochette will complement the dress
  13. I agree!
    The papillon isn't really an evening piece, I think.