do you think the gauffre frame bag is too large?

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  1. do you think that the gauffre frame bag is too large for an average sized woman (say, 5'5") to carry daily? i know that oversized bags are 'in' at the moment. but my husband thinks that it looks like an overnight bag if i carry it. i thought that i looks like a tote if i carry it over the shoulder (which is a bit tight i must say). i saw the way it was carried by jessica simpson and did not like it at all :yucky: but love how it looks carried by beyonce and halle b :love: i think it is a bit late to return the bag. but if enough people think that i might look like a leprecorn carrying it, i will have to nag SA to take it bag back and replace it with something else. over 2K is just too expensive not to be carried to death. thanks so much!
  2. I personally think it is a little too big, too...and all the frame bags w/short handles do not look good when carried on the shoulder....

    I really loved the leather, it was so soft! But whenever I see that bag, I am's just too much....
  3. aawww.... :crybaby:
    thanks for your honest opinion rayray
  4. do you think halle b and beyonce both looked so good carrying this because they must be rather tall in real life? what do you think i should replace this with if i have the option?
  5. I don't think it's too big. But I own the Oversize YSL Muse, which I use frequently as a work tote. Both bags are great if you need to carry files, etc...But its whatever you feel comfortable with.
  6. I don't think it's too big at all. I personlly like big bags -- am thinking of getting a Coco[FONT='Times New Roman'] Cabas[FONT='Times New Roman'] if[FONT='Times New Roman'] you[FONT='Times New Roman'] know[FONT='Times New Roman'] what[FONT='Times New Roman'] I[FONT='Times New Roman'] mean.[FONT='Times New Roman'] As[FONT='Times New Roman'] long[FONT='Times New Roman'] as[FONT='Times New Roman'] YOU[FONT='Times New Roman'] are[FONT='Times New Roman'] comfortable[FONT='Times New Roman'] with[FONT='Times New Roman'] the[FONT='Times New Roman'] size[FONT='Times New Roman'] w/o[FONT='Times New Roman'] feeling[FONT='Times New Roman'] too[FONT='Times New Roman'] awkward,[FONT='Times New Roman'] then[FONT='Times New Roman'] it[FONT='Times New Roman'] doesn't[FONT='Times New Roman'] matter[FONT='Times New Roman'] what[FONT='Times New Roman'] other[FONT='Times New Roman'] people[FONT='Times New Roman'] think![FONT='Times New Roman'] HTH![FONT='Times New Roman'] :smile: [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
  7. If you are comfortable carrying it - I say keep it! I had one but returned it because I needed a bag to function more like a purse and if I carried that bag plus the LV Alto that I use as a brief case I looked like I was planning to go on a trip! If you will use it keep it! For every one person that thinks the bag looks too big on you, someone else (like me) will think it looks great! But - that being said, it is alot of $$, so if you aren't going to use it, good luck nagging your SA!

  8. Oh, no...I didn't mean to hurt you...don't's the tissue.....:P

    I think it looks a lot better when it's carried in your arm or hands though...
    Compare to the muse, muse has longer handles than the Gauffre, so must me easier to carry over the shoulder...

    what I meant
    I have the MJ Stam(It's also a frame bag w/ short handles), and it's a nice bag, but it was kinda hard to carry it over the shoulder....

    the Gauffre is a killer bag and if I buy something from Prada now, I will probably get that, but just too much when carried over the shoulder...

    I am sure you are going to look as good as Halle!
  9. :P :flowers: thank you ever so much you guys...! rayray, i didn't mean to get upset on you, truly! (i am not upset at all really). i think it is important that we are honest in our opinion/s here, otherwise, what is a forum for (mutual admiration / communal denial society :biggrin: hehe). i am normally very confident about what i can pull off and what i like. but this bag really takes some guts... (BTW, i also just bought myself a stam bag! season 05 ivory! and i was eye-ing the coco cabas!) thank you all so much again... let me take some pics of myself carrying it in different ways and have a look at it from the camera's point of view, i found this helpful in getting a fresh and 'objective' perspective after staring yourself in the mirror for far too long :yes: i'll let you gals know how this story is to end. at the mean time, please feel free to continue posting your opinion/s, as i am sure i am not the only one facing this dilema!! and we can all do with as many opinios as you can possible present. ta!
  10. I got the large gauffre frame bag the minute it came out, because I thought and still think it's beautiful. I'm 5'5", too, which I guess is a couple of inches shorter than Halle or Beyonce. I kept it for weeks and agonized over it, but in the end I decided it was just too big for me. To me, it was a matter of comfort in carrying it. I love big bags, but this one crossed over to the realm/size of travel bag. I felt dwarfed by it. That said, you might be the same size and feel totally differently. I later tried the smaller size of the bag that NM carried, but it just wasn't the same. Though smaller, I found it an awkward shape. I decided to try again in the new season, with one of the frame bags with longer, shoulder-friendly straps.
  11. thanks for your input rollergirl.

    you know, i took a pic of myself carrying this bag fully stuffed. and the took another one of me carrying it stuffed just so so. it actually looked less structured and slouchy as soon as it is not full, and it actually changed the look and feel of it somewhat. it is almost like carrying 2 different bags. one, when fully stuffed, looked like a structured large overnight doctor style bag. the other, when slightly empty, looked like a slouchy large bag, a cross between a tote and frame bag. when i saw sarah michelle geller's laaarge gauffre bag (or is it an antic cervo with pleats and draw-string?), it does not look like it is too large on her. and when i examine the proportions, it is about the same as the large frame gauffre'an on me (waist to mid-tigh when carried on the hook of arm). i am wondering if the fact that there is no frame on hers made all the difference...? all this analysis have not really solved my dilema... :Push:

    that first impression of myself in the mirror at the prada boutique carrying it for the first time fully stuffed stayed in my head. now the thing is, are first impressions always (or almost always) right? or do things grow on you relative to your tolerance of the general style of the time... (70s platform shoes big hair and pants, 80s big shoulders, 2004-current oversize sunglasses...)

    maybe i should post that pic of myself and the bag, and see what you all think...? let me see, how do i do that...

    anybody else who is my size (i am 165 cm, 1 meter and 65 cm, is that 5'2" - 5'5"), have / had this bag, and would like to share are mooost welcomed. the gals who shared have all been lovely. thank youuuu......
  12. bagpunk i am the same size as you and i love this bag, i just wish i could find one in London they are all sold out:confused1: . like you said if you do not overfill it i think it works much better as it is so lovely and soft. hope you come to a decision soon.:confused1:
  13. depends on what you carry. i actually was looking at the gauffre hobo bag, bought it, but returned it because although i really looooved the leather, the size was not practical for me. i like big bags on other people but i hate it when my stuff is swimming somewhere in the middle when i'm running after my kids and don't have time to look. i exchanged it for the smaller nylon version of the gauffre frame b/c i love the ruffled look that prada is doing this season, plus it's shorter so i have quick access to my stuff, and it's a frame - which i love b/c it's quicker to open than a zipper and i can find my stuff quickly when the bag is opened, especially while i'm driving, which i do a lot of since i take my kids to their classes and what not.
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