Do you think the evelyne II PM would be a good choice? R/o

  1. I'm a mom of 2 young boys (I'm also only 5' tall)...would this be a good "first" Hermes bag? Does it stay put on your shoulder?
  2. The Evelyne is a great first H bag. :yahoo: The canvas strap is great because it doesn't slip off your shoulder like some other straps do. :yes:
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  4. The Evelyne PM2 was my first H bag and I totally love it. I use a medium-sized Chameleon insert inside and it keeps everything organized.

    I am about 5' also and the size works great for me. I often use it messenger style and find that to be so handy.

    My only suggestion to you is to at least take a look at the GM2 model. It is just an inch or so larger but that little bit extra would come in handy, possibly. I have not seen the GM IRL but will at least look at it when (or if) I buy my next Evelyne.

    Here are a couple tPF threads about the Evelyne that might help....
  5. Perfect mom bag! Try the pm size!
  6. It you can swing the expense, you might want to consider a 31cm or 37cm Mou (soft construction) Bolide in Clemence. It's hardy, stylish and will take you most anywhere.
  7. I love my PMII, it's great as a messenger bag or shortened with a keychain for over the shoulder and the outside pocket is very handy
  8. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Thanks, too, kallie for the two threads. I did find the ode to the evelyne one, but had never seen the other one!! Good suggestion, too, millstream--so far, the bolide, kelly, & evelyne are my faves (just thinking evelyne would be a great casual everyday type bag). I'm thinking I must start saving!!
  9. ^amytude ~ This Is One Beautiful Bag (No I Don't Own Yet!)....What Color/Leather Are You Thinking Of?
  10. I suggested the Bolide in the mou construction because it functions with the ease of an Evelyne and is classic and timeless like the Kelly. Please let us know what you decide!
  11. how old are your boys and what is your personal style? the boys will get older, even a year or 2 makes a big difference in what you need to carry.
  12. My boys are soon to be 4 & 5. DS #2 (the one who will be turning 4) is on the autistic spectrum, so he's not potty trained, yet. So I'm "sort of" out of the diaper bag stage. I'm a SAHM who doesn't dress up often (I'd say I'm preppy casual). Even the Evelyne would be a MAJOR purchase for me. As far as leathers go, I'm guessing clemence? Not sure if the evelyne would only come in certain leathers or not. Would need a leather that is not delicate (I love box, but it would never work in my life). As far as colors go, who knows?
  13. Amytude ~ My Little Guy Is Four (Definitely Older Than My Pic!).....I'm Sure Your Boys Are Precious!!!

    ^Millstream ~ Is That Chartruse Clemence? It's Gorgeous!!!

    AT ~ That Would Be A Really Nice Choice!!!!
  14. sorry to say this, but IMHO, it doesn't look right to me.
    the authentic evelyne is not indented at the sides,
    and the "H" is not as low.