Do you think the Edith will go on sale...

  1. ...during Memorial day weekend at Saks or NM? I hope not, since I plan to return the one I don't want this weekend! If I return one of my Edith's this weekend would they refund it at sale price (assuming it goes on sale)? :blink:

    I would be hard pressed to believe that they would allow the "hot" bags on sale this weekend, but its rumored that the Betty was going on sale and that's a pretty hot bag right now.
  2. Edith will definitely not be on sale since most of the bags don't even have a chance to make it onto the floor due to long waitlists. I got a call from my NM Boston s/a and she said only the Silverados, Bettys, Gladys and Keralas will be on sale. She has a tan Silverado medium tote retailing at 1330 down to 935 - a substantial savings. That should give members an idea of the markdowns!
  3. The Edith won't go on sale. It's just what Roey said.....heard it from my SA at Saks, too. Saks will be having a 30% off sale on May 31.
  4. I just talked to an SA at Saks..she said all that is on sale is the BETTY..right now..NO paddys..ediths...or totes..
  5. Not many people can find the Edith at regular price, so no way would they put that bag on sale ......... even Chloe still has a long waiting list.
  6. Thanks for the quick responses ladies!!