Do you think the Disco bag is trendy or classic?

  1. I just bought a black Disco bag last night and I'm trying to decide between it and the Bottega crossbody "pillow bag" which I also bought a few days ago. I can't keep both.

    The Disco is sooo cute and I love it, but I worry it's not classic enough and just a big trend at the moment. Do you think this bag will last for many years, or begin to look outdated? I wonder if Gucci plans to keep this style as part of their classic collection? :thinking:

    Any opinions would be appreciated.

    Here is the one I got :smile:

  2. I really like the Gucci disco bag..I think it will be around for awhile and seems to be a classic style...I like it much better than the Bottega Veneta crossbody pillow bag....I hope Gucci keeps it in their collection..
  3. Thank you so much for your opinion!! May I ask why you like it better than the Bottega? Just curious... ;)
  4. I agree LVlve_bug, it's certainly going to stay around for a while.

    There are a lot of Soho 'everything' out there ATM, including the Disco which does put me off a bit too so I understand, even though I know those are the bags that hold their value and are most likely to become iconic in the future. I bought a small Bright because of this phenomenon but had I wanted black I think it would have circumnavigated the whole trend thing.

    I love BV and have several, BUT the Pillow, though undoubtedly functional, looks a bit old fashioned, and not in a good way :ninja: (ask anyone, I am a vintage maniac). You can often buy little pre-loved BVs that like this for knock-down prices.

    I would try them both on to see which looks better on you and then decide.
  5. I have one big disco in rose with the gold handles and the new one in bronze.
    I would keep it!! They are gorgeous;)
  6. I am really appreciating all of these opinions. Thanks so much!

    Btw, has anyone had to put an extra hole in the strap? I am 5'7" and I feel like I need it to be a tiny bit longer. Thoughts?
  7. You're welcome! I like the GG logo and the tassel detail. I really like the Gucci soho collection...Let us know which bag you decide to keep!:smile:
  8. pretty classy bag
    I like how it doesn't scream GUCCI, with logos everywhere
    The craftsmanship is pretty amazing too

    I hope it becomes a classic, that would be really cool
  9. I'm thinking about getting the gucci disco in black as well. But I can't decide if I should or if I should get the chloe marcie small round crossbody. Which do you lady's like better?
  10. I think the disco bag will eventually be a classic! :smile:
  11. I think that the disco will look classic in the future, even when and if it gets discontinued. It reminds me of the Chanel camera bag ;) I see a lot of older Gucci bags that have the interlocking G design on them-- they look almost similar to this one and I think they are very chic!
  12. Ask Gucci to do it for you :yes:
  13. So what are your ladies thoughts get the black disco or get the chloe marcie small crossbody?
  14. Soho is likely to stay longer and not that trendy. Its cute, functional and pretty. Plus, being leather, it will definitely stay.
  15. Love the Disco. So versatile, can dress up or dress down. As for adding an extra hole in the strap, definitely ask Gucci to do it. Unless you're a cobbler or a leather crafter, DYI can be a disaster.