Do you think the denim line is *classic*?

  1. I really want to get a denim Baggy PM but I am not sure if I could still carry it years from now. For the price, for me, it needs to last a while. Do you think it is a trendier item or one that will be a classic?
  2. i love the denim line, but i think the price is ridiculous for a denim material :sad: i feel like buying a levi's
  3. honestly, i don't think the Denim line is classic at all. It's more trendy.
  4. Not clasic to me. Fun and trendy.
  5. LV is always classic, unless you hang around with "up to the moment" trendies who judge that kind of thing. I use all my stuff no matter when it came out. The denim is nicer than Levi's, it also has to do with the vachetta strap and brass hardware, not just the material IMO.
  6. I love the denim
  7. Trendy.
  8. I don't think it's classic at all. More trendy and cute if anything.
  9. If you want a classic Vuitton, I would suggest something in the Damier Canvas. Maybe I'm biased as that is my favorite LV line, but its been around since 1888, and if that isn't a classic I don't know what that is.
  10. I am not a big fan of the Damier stuff. I do have a MC Speedy already so I do have that classic bag. But I am just weary about spending all that $ on a bag I might feel won't be cute in a few yrs.
  11. I don't love Damier usually either. Denim is really cute, but I can't see carrying it in 5 + years.
  12. Casual Classic!;)
  13. I am a total classic gal, but I love my Denim Baggy PM. Definately cute summer wear! And like denim pants, will stand the test of time!
  14. trendy not classic =D
  15. I just ordered the Baggy GM and am embarrassed to say that I am sending it back... :shame:

    I've bought and returned so much to elux lately that when I talked to the SA I mentioned I was worried they were not going to let me order anymore -- but she assured me that is not the case and some people return a LOT more than I have begun to even thinking about! :shocked:

    I LOVE the denim and I LOVE the Baggy GM and am sick I'm not keeping it. But, for that price, I know I'd get much more use out of a monogram or damier piece. I'm pretty sure I want the Duomo.