do you think the coco cabas or baby coco cabas will still be produce in some form aft

  1. after this season by chanel?
  2. i would certainly hope so if SAs reflect customer's wish, it's not unusal for company to bring back once popular design base on demand. Lets keep our fingers crossed!
  3. I hope so too- I would love to see more incarnations of the bag- like a patent leather in a bright color.
  4. ... or a nice, ultra soft, smooshy, lambskin type leather in the Cabas style... :yes:
  5. OMG if there was an ultra-soft lambskin Cabas I would just die...along with my poor bank account. Just roll over, surrender, and say 'I give up!' :p
  6. I Hope so. It really is a beautiful and versatile bag
  7. I would love to see it redone with a hidden zipper closure similar to the large cambon closure. I would love a distressed rich red or burgundy for fall.:love: