Do you think the cerf tote looks a lot like Hermes?

  1. I am planning to get the cerf tote. But i really do think that it looks a lot like a Hermes. Of course i would prefer the Hermes but the cerf tote is a lot cheaper. It makes me question do i really want the bag. I am thinking of gettting a GST or Medallion instead. What do you think?
  2. Cerf>>>>>>GST or Medallion

    The cerf is a great bag!
  3. get the cerf then you can the other bags!!
  4. I don't know.. maybe it's not yet my time to love the cerf tote.. But a bit.. it looks a bit the same as hermes. :biggrin:
  5. I originally had my name on the wait list for a black Birkin 35, but then I discovered the Cerf and think it's actually better! Yes, it does look a lot like the Hermes Birkin, except you can actually wear it hand-held and over-the-shoulder (which you can't with the Birkin). Not to mention that you can buy 4-5 Chanel bags for the price of one Birkin! It's still just as classic as the Birkin and I think its one you'll use for many years to come. I'm picking mine up in a couple of weeks, and have decided to put the Hermes off for now. Can't wait to get my Cerf! :yahoo:
  6. I think it's meant to look like a Birkin on purpose, I read it was Karl's homage to the Birkin.
  7. Can someone post a picture of the Chef Tote for me?
  8. ^check out the reference library or do a search for Cerf. There are quite a few pics of it.
  9. Yes I will thank you for answering my question. :yes:
  10. hmmm im beginning to like the cerf tote too, my concern is the weight of the bag ... is this so much lighter than the gst? same weight as the jumbo maybe ?
  11. I also think is resembles the Birken. It's a beautiful bag, and I believe you will actually love it.
  12. i have the cerf, the GST and the birkin. i love each and every one of them and they serve my different moods.

    the birkin is great but when i need a shoulder bag, i reach for the cerf or the GST. i find the GST a bit heavier than the cerf, probably due to the GST chains. and the cerf is so elegant and i've seen it when the leather gets "beat up" and it still looks fantastic. you'll love it!
  13. Oh thanks so much everyone.
  14. I have always thought that
  15. yes and no. It very much resembles the birkin but I think Chanel created a classic handbag all their own. The cerf is one of my favorite bags from Chanel for it's classic elegance and functionality. It is heavier than I would like, but it does all depend on how much you put into it.