Do you think the Camilla wedges will go on sale?

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  1. I don't have the style number but they are the ones that are white and retail for $975. I love these and they are perfect for summer but they aren't a shoe that I want to spend $1000 on. I may suck it up but I'd prefer they be a bit cheaper.:yes:
  2. If they're still around when they go on sale, I suspect they'll go on sale. If something is hot, then it won't be around to hit the sale. If you really, really, really love them -- you know where I'm going. I'm also going to toss out the comfort question. Have you tried them on and if so, are they comfortable. That could be the make or break question along with the price.
  3. I'm going to predict no.

    I predict they'll be gone, unless it's a stray pair returned after season or a size that doesn't sell well.
  4. I think about the best sale on those was NM last week with their $150 off on two pair of shoes. I had to suck it up and buy them then. For your sake, I hope they do.
  5. I'm torn. The only reason I ask is b/c there are several pairs of shoes I want and for the cost of these, I could basically get 1 pair of the CLs that I "need" to replace and old pair in addition to another pair. Decisions, decisions! Thank you for the comments.
  6. i personally won't spend that much on a wedge for summer. a classic pump or not so classic pump in fun color is a better choice.
  7. i just tried on one pair in NM store today. they looked very good in the mirror. hmm... still thinking...
  8. I know! I have given my sa the go ahead to buy the fabric wedges for me for Wednesday's presale, but even at $625 it is high for a wedge for summer. Hhhmm, too ; )
  9. This is the one I its $625? this is the one w/o sling back right? ehmm $625..:confused1: I also pray the same thing..hopefully this wedges will go on sale.. the price is oucchh factor :nogood:
  10. i doubt it
  11. ^ I too doubt it. The only shoes I ever saw on sales rack with camellia were denim flats of last year. But the only place I ever saw them with price slashed were at NYC Chanel and wherever Larkie got hers. Most Chanel lovers are such stong fans of anything camellia, I'm guessing those wedges would be gone soon before summer sale.