Do you think the black monte carlo loafers are too flashy ???

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  1. Just wondering if the gold LV emblem seems too blingy ??? Monte carlo owners, please tell !!!
  2. Not any more flashy than bags with the Monogram print. I like the Monte Carlo loafers. :yes:
  3. My friend has it and honestly, he looks great with those shoes. The gold emblem make it look "expensive".
  4. anything with monogram looks expensive! :graucho:
  5. I see more men wearing them than women....
  6. I have a pair of the brown Monte Carlo loafers and I love them!
    I guess it all depends on your own personal taste.
    I like alittle bit of flash.
  7. While I don't think they look cheap, I do think they are rather gaudy and used with multiplemonogram items it coms off as not so good put together.
    I have nothing against the loafers in general though, the design is ok.
  8. Not at all! I love it! I have the girl version in pink!